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Wax on. Wax off.

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Fall in Truckee means Eclipse season with all hands-on deck as we bottle, wax and ship a year’s worth of Eclipse in a matter of weeks.

Eclipse much? If you’re not familiar with Eclipse, it’s our award-winning barrel aged Stout that gets released each fall in a variety of styles. Every year we select our favorite barrels from a variety of Bourbon manufacturers, fill them with our award-winning Stout, and let them age for anywhere from 3 to nine months. During the aging process they mature or ‘grow up’ as some of us like to say. This maturation allows the used barrels to impart their natural flavors into the beer. The result is nothing short of amazing in our opinion, though we’re admittedly biased.

Flavor wise, we have some classics, and usually a few new ones each year. The annual selection is a combination of barrels we like, barrels we can get our hands on, our Brewers’ intent (more on our Brewers’ Intent program another time) and feedback from you, our passionate Eclipse customers. Check out this year’s flavor selection below:


Beyond the flavors, the process of getting it all bottled and waxed is our signature move, so to speak. It takes ‘supply chain’ to another level. There’s the normal bottles, caps and boxes, but then we add in the wax, custom tables for drying and our annual team that helps us bring it all together. Our brewery storage area smells like a candle factory for a good part of the fall.

I like this